Next Steps for Building Capacity for Continuous Academic and Professional Growth

Protocol for Next Steps

  • Establish an inclusive team that reflect all stakeholders in the organization
  • Evaluate learning needs at each level of the organization
  • Create a timeline for design, implementation and follow-up of professional development
  • Identify resources currently in place to support professional development and additional resource that are needed
  • Provide roles and responsibilities of team members

Guiding Questions

  • ‡What is our commitment to continuous improvement, shared leadership, collaboration and alignment with academic growth for all students?
  • How will we use SI information to develop capacity that advocates for the use of, and creates support systems for professional learning?
  • How do we prioritize, monitor, and coordinate resources for providing and supporting professional learning opportunities that lead to student growth?
  • Do the current professional development practices align with using multiple data sources to plan, assess, and evaluate effective professional learning practices?
  • How do we, as a district/charter, support curriculum, instruction, and assessment that integrates theories and practice based on current research that results in achieving its intended outcomes?
  • How will we, as a district/charter, design and support professional learning opportunities that are aligned with educator performance and student curriculum standards?
  • How will we communicate professional development offerings at all levels: central office, building administrators, classroom teachers, and instructional support staff?
  • How will we determine if professional development is effectively building teacher level capacity and positively impacting student learning outcomes?
  • What will be the structure for gathering, organizing, and evaluating district wide professional development to determine and/or modify future professional development?